February 2014

Hugs. Warmth. Love. My Dogs.

Even for all the "hype," the upside of Valentine's Day is that it gives us time to pause and remember those significant others in our lives that we adore and couldn't live without. Many of us do a little something to let them know that they are special to us. This doesn't stop with only remembering the human species in our lives-that "special someone" doesn't have to be human! It's all of our significant others, including our beloved fur members of our families.

While I won't regale you with my list of reasons why I'm crazy about my husband of 40 years (and there are many reasons why), I gave myself a moment or two to reflect on why I'm "in love" with my goldens: They will walk the beach with me forever and never ask "when are we turning around?"; they are always happy to see me every day and many times throughout the day when I come and go from the house; they don't care what's on TV and they let me keep what is on without changing the channel; they are so warm and give such sweet bear hugs; they truly gaze into my eyes with their big, round brown ones; they truly don't care where we go when we go for a car ride because they are just happy being together wherever; they never go to bed angry; and they always, always kiss me goodnight! OK, I could think of tons more....what do you love about your dogs?

And if you are reading this, and for some reason right now you don't have a dog in your life, I hope you'll find your way to another canine soul soon. They enrich our lives in oh so many ways. I truly couldn't live without a dog in my life!

Hugs to your pups,

Barb and the Staff at Godfrey's


Upcoming Event This Saturday

"Be Mine, Canine" Valentine Celebration-Sat., Feb. 15, 10am-4pm

Complimentary refreshments for people and dogs and a special sale...

Think RED and PINK in-store items: 25% OFF!


Maybe you've had your eye on a pink leather leash or red coat or sweater for your favorite dog. Get it Saturday!

"Show Us the Love"...Bring us your favorite "Valentine" photo of you

(or any other family member)

including your dog and receive a sweet surprise!


Barb with her shop greeter golden and beloved family member, Charlie, showing the Love!



Our In-door Facility and Sessions are


for Your Dog!

If your dog has the winter crazies and needs to be challenged and stimulated in new ways, give Nicole a call here at Godfrey's and schedule a private session in our wellness/conditioning center. Help your dog stay fit, achieve weight loss goals, burn off energy safely and strengthen their core....or just schedule one session to have some fun!  Change begins by putting one paw in front of the other and stepping out of our box. Let's get those paws up!



                      " Paws up" on FitPaws Equipment                                                  "Paws Up" on the Treadmill


KPETS Therapy Dog Prep Sessions

coming to Godfrey's in March

Think Your Dog has the Right Stuff to Become a Therapy Dog?
Attend 2 Sessions and Find Out!

Next KPETS Orientation session here at Godfrey's: Saturday, March 8, 9am-12pm

Workshop Testing Day: To Be Announced

Keystone Pet Enhanced Therapy Services (KPETS), a 501C-3 organization originating in Lancaster, PA, is expanding their volunteer canine therapy services program by bringing it to Berks County and Godfrey's is hosting them! This is a statement that defines their mission: "Promoting the Healing and Rehabilitation Benefits of the Animal/Human Bond." Sounds pretty powerful to me!

We held the first KPETS classes for Berks County here in April and May 2012. Charlie and Lake, Barb Emmett's two golden retrievers, have gone through the KPETS program and are now certified KPETS therapy dogs, so ask her about the program if you are interested.


First Step: Attend a KPETS ORIENTATION session. This is a "People Only" session (no dogs). Cost: $30 to cover materials and expenses.

Second Step: Attend a KPETS Volunteer WORKSHOP session This session is to assess your dog for future therapy visits. Basic obedience is needed. Socialization, response to loud noises, interaction with strangers, rough petting, reactions to other dogs, etc. will all be assessed. Prerequisite: attendance at a KETS Orientation session.

Third Step: Two separate on-site evaluations
On-site evaluations are scheduled directly with each evaluator for convenience.
This will give you some “on-the-job” training as well as allow the KPETS evaluator see how your dog handles actual real life situations.

Their volunteer opportunities for you and your dog include:
Long term care facilities

Individual private visits in homes
Reading to Dogs Programs
Rehab – with physical, occupational, speech, cognitive therapies, etc.
Special needs children
At-risk teens
Fun doggie parties and presentations
Community outreach booths to promote animal assisted therapy
Canine Disaster Relief connections / assistance

Have questions or want to sign up? Email KPETS at info@kpets.org or call 888-68-KPETS. (888-685-7387)


Reminder of Great Savings at Godfrey's!

Canine Birthday Savings

Is your dog a member of our Canine Birthday Club? If not, now's the time to register him or her in our club. It's free and it only takes a minute to register. Receive a one time per year savings discount of 15% off one dog item purchased during his or her birthday month! Please remind us when you come shopping during "birthday month" and we'll mark your club sheet.


Fromm Family Foods Frequent Buyer Program

If your dog's food of choice is Fromm's, then first of all, he or she knows what great food is! Secondly, you can enjoy some savings by buying this brand. Fromm Family Foods offers a frequent buyer program: Buy 12 bags and receive the 13th bag free! To qualify: All bags must be purchased at Godfrey's with proof of purchase.




Orijen and Acana Frequent Buyer Program

We have a loyalty program for this exceptional food, too!: Buy 12 bags and receive the 13th bag free! You can mix between the Acana brand and the Orijen brand. Let us tell you the details of their program. To qualify: All bags must be purchased at Godfrey's.


VeRus Frequent Buyer Program

This simple formula food, great for sensitive tummies, comes in three varieties: chicken, fish and lamb. This loyalty program is: Buy 12 bags and receive the 13th bag free!

To qualify: All bags must be purchased at Godfrey's.




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