JULY 2014




"Godfrey's 10th Anniversary Celebration Week"

Sat., July 19 thru Sat., July 26, 2014 


               Godfreys Dogdom, Brecknock Township, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. President and owner Barb Emmett, second from left, and her husband, Pat Emmett, are seated with employees Megan Christel, left, and Nicole Weersing. Joining the group are Charlie, sitting on the floor, and Lake, who is on the couch. NOTE: Gloria missed the group photo so here she is!

                               (photo by Susan Angstadt, Reading Eagle) 


10 Years - Reflections...

Our Official Opening was Thursday, July 24, 2004. With a clear vision, months and months of research, a solid business plan, a sense for design, and acquisition of the ideal property to roll out the vision, we opened Godfrey's. My husband Pat and some of my closest friends and family, including our dogs Tucker, Emma and dear Jackson, were right there with me doing everything and anything to help open the doors. I will be eternally grateful for their care, their kindness and their unwavering support and encouragement.

In hindsight, many of them probably thought I was crazy following the belief that "If we build it, they will come." Here we were, my husband and I, buying  a 4 acre property for my business. He was busy running his own business, but always had enthusiasm for what I was doing. He steadfastly maintained the grounds at Godfrey's all these years through snow, ice and fast growing grass and weeds that begged to be mowed. And for those of you who know him, I'm sure that you have seen that

he loves, loves, loves dogs like we all do here at Godfrey's. Many folks think we live in the house in the front of the retail store; we don't. We do rent that property to a friend; it is zoned for commercial use.

Back in 2004, every one of us was excited to open, but would fellow dog lovers be as excited as we were to bring the "best of the best in dogdom" to Berks County? Thank heavens you were! We have been so fortunate ever since to have you and your dogs as our dear and valued customers and friends over these 10 years. We hope we have many more years to share with you. Small businesses like ours strive to be true community partners, keeping our local economy strong and filling a much needed niche in our area. And for us, there's nothing like surrounding ourselves with fellow dog lovers that know that "Dog is Family!"

I am very blessed to have such a great team of people here! We all have such fun together. Nicole's skills in managing the Play Parks, customizing and leading FitPaws conditioning classes and her overall sales and customer service skills are terrific and very much appreciated! She and her husband, Steve, are expecting another child by the end of the year. She's a very busy Mom who handles it all with grace and a positive, "can do" spirit!

Megan will be going into her senior year at college. She has a great passion, too, for what we do here and she'll be taking on more as her time allows. She is a great help in our social media efforts and she has said that her greatest enjoyment on the job is knowing that she has helped make people make better choices for their dog's lives by selecting better foods and treats.

Gloria, a dear friend, has been with me all along the way. She helps with our displays, helps me recognize it's time for a new season, and she is invaluable to us as she helps folks on the floor find the products and solutions they need.

And I'm proud and tickled pink to to announce that my husband, Pat, is now a permanent member of our team at Godfrey's; more about what all he'll be doing here in the next few months! For those of you who know him, you can see that he loves, loves, loves dogs like we all do. It's a true fit!

To celebrate and to say "Thank you for your business and your friendship," we've lined up some events for the coming week. Please come out and celebrate with us!

Here's what we have going:

Goodie bags for you all throughout the week, filled with samples, coupons.

Some are filled with a special prize!

Saturday, July 19:

"Neillustrations" Caricature Artist:11am-3pm  First come first serve!
Neil McMillin is a professional caricature artist with over six years of experience drawing original and charming cartoon portraits of people and pets. Drawing dogs is his specialty! From small shelter events to big name shows, Neil is one of the only animal caricaturists in Pennsylvania. Are you looking for a family portrait? Don’t forget the furriest member of your family!


Can’t sit down with Neil to be drawn or you want to give a caricature as a surprise gift? He can also draw directly from photos and devices on location.

Neil obtained his bachelor’s in illustration from the Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2007. He is also a skilled freelance artist and children’s book illustrator.

Pricing per head drawn:
Black & white heads- $8 each
Color heads- $18
Add a full cartoon body and background for $5

Caricatures are sized 11" x 14" for easy framing.

ALL DAY: 10% OFF EVERYTHING in the STORE starts today!

ALL DAY: "Porch Sale" of deeply discounted items!

ALL DAY: Refreshments!


Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday:

10% OFF EVERYTHING in the STORE. Many items with higher discounts up to 40% off. Refreshments.


Saturday, July 26:

10am-1pm: Meet Blaine, our Sales Representative from Champion Pet Foods, manufacturers of Orijen and Acana.  Learn about the new formulation of the Acana "Singles" limited ingredient foods.



Buy large bag of Orijen or Acana Dry Food (28.6#) and receive

FREE 6oz. bag of Orijen Freeze-Dried Medallions!

(Original or Regional Red)


2-4pm: "Open House" in our Canine Wellness and Conditioning Center, hosted by Nicole and Pat.

Planned exercise and strength training isn't just for humans any more! We all can affect how well our dogs age, just like we can help ourselves. You "know the drill" for you and the human family members, and now it's time to look at your dog's health and wellness and the proactive things you can do to address all kinds of health issues before they become problems. Our health and wellness canine programs need to be part of your plan! At the very least, know what we have to offer so that when you hear that your dog is having some joint issues, you'll know we can help. Or maybe your dog simply has excess energy to burn and you can't do enough for him or her...private canine treadmill sessions help help to work out that excess energy. Or perhaps your agility or fly ball dog needs to build or maintain muscle mass? FitPaws® Exercise programs will help! And once you know how to use the equipment by attending our programs, you can purchase the equipment from us and do it at home! Attendees enter a DRAWING FOR A FREE FitPaws Donut and Holder with a private lesson.


ALL DAY: Enjoy a piece of our human Anniversary cake treat! Treats for Dogs!

ALL DAY: 10% OFF EVERYTHING in the STORE. Many items with higher discounts; some up to 40% off.


Hope to see you and your "pups"  this week for old time's sake, for you also to see all the great stuff going on here, like dog sports, training, massage, wellness and conditioning and more! We want you to grab some great summer deals, too!


Barb, Pat, Nicole, Megan, Gloria, and Charlie and Lake

                                                                  the adorable ones here ---->


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