OK, all you cool pups out there...

it's ''Back to School Time" for you!

Yeah, it's been all fun and games over the summer, what with trips to the dog parks, swimming, hikes, hanging out on the deck, and getting into the hazy, crazy, lazy days of summer. As these last summer weeks fly by, we begin to feel the sense that things are changing as our friends and families contemplate and get ready to go

back to school and back to routines. Yikes!

Did someone say routines?


There's a sense of anticipation and excitement in the air about the changes coming: cooler weather and along with it, the chance to reactivate the brain cells and learn new things.

I don't care how old we get or how young we are, change like this is good, and boy do we have changes here!

New Trainers, New Ways, New Breakthroughs-build a even stronger bond with you and your dog!

Godfrey's Canine Wellness and Conditioning-launching in Sept. - Can you say "Puppy Pilates?"

CPR/Pet First Aid Class-a "must have" certification for all professionals in the dog world and for pet parents!

"Back to School/Fall" Photography Appointments


New trainers and new programs have us jazzed

to offer you the "Best of the Best" in Dogdom!


I am very happy to announce our strategic relationship with The Companionable Canine. Denise Lacey, owner, will coordinate all dog training, dog sports and related seminar activities here at Godfrey's. While she herself will be running many of the classes, she will also be bringing additional professionals in here as needed to meet your growing interest in the world of dog training and dog sports. Dede Crough is one of those professionals coming here to introduce you and your dog to the sports Treibball and Flyball.



Meet the trainers and have some fun!

Sat., Sept. 15, 10am-12noon

Denise and Dede will be here at Godfrey's for the morning. They'll "talk training" and demonstrate the canine sports of Treibball and Flyball

and your dogs can join in the fun!

Hold the date and please plan on coming.

FREE refreshments!  Enter our drawing to WIN a complete 6-week Training session!


See Schedule of Classes and Seminars at Godfrey's

Meet Denise Lacey, BS, CPDT-KSA, KPA-CTP



Denise began helping people to train their dogs 16 years ago in 1996. She was the first trainer in Pennsylvania to pass the Skills Assessment through the Council for the Certification of Professional Dog Trainers and has also passed the Knowledge Assessment (CPDT-KSA). She is a graduate of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior (graduating with distinction) and is a Certified Training Partner of the Karen Pryor Academy (KPA-CTP). As a Certified Training Partner she has taken the Karen Pryor Academy Pledge. She believes in setting her students and their dogs up to be successful in their learning and training.

She is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club (AKC), a C.L.A.S.S. Evaluator for the APDT and is working on completing her Trick Dog Instructor certification.

Additionally, Denise has a B.S. in psychology. Hum... people, dogs and psychology...seems like a great fit!

As you'd expect from us: Denise uses positive reinforcement as her training method for dogs (and their humans). Her personal experience, as well as the experiences of others, has shown her that positive reinforcement provides a wonderful way to communicate desired behaviors to a training partner who doesn't speak the same language.

Denise has been a pet parent to: a schipperke (Blackie), three Labrador retrievers (Laika, Misha, and Kaiya), a border collie (Tag), three other schipperkes (Barnum, Bailey, and Cubby), and three mix breed dogs (Sally, Lucas, and Shadow). Denise is currently trained by one very energetic schipperke, Tillie. ;>))

Work with her dogs has resulted in Denise being trained in Flyball, Agility, Obedience, Therapy Work, Rally, Herding, Hunt Work, Frisbee, Freestyle, Tracking, Treibball, and Tricks! The dogs feel that their best training shows in Denise’s really reliable cookie distribution skills as well as her proficiency in tugging, tossing things, giving belly rubs, and ear scratching.

In addition to training dogs and their humans, Denise is also a Flyball Supervising Judge for the North American Flyball Association (NAFA), a professional member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), and has served on the board of the Dog Training Club of Chester County (recording secretary) and the New River Valley Kennel Club (in Virginia as Vice-President of Obedience). She has been a trainer at the Dog Training Club of Chester County for many years. With her own canine companions, Denise has earned titles or certifications in: Canine Good Citizen, Flyball, Agility, Therapy Work, Herding, and Tricks.

Further adding to Denise’s fun are a wonderful, supportive husband, an active toddler, and three cats who are also subjected to clicker training. There are also four chickens, two goats, and four steers who have been known to be clicked and treated on occasion as well.

From Denise: “A tired human is a good human. Hope to see you in class soon!

Meet DeDe Crough, ACDBC - Dog Sports Instructor

Dede's focus in class is always to work with each dog according to his or her potential, keeping things fun for dogs and people alike.

Watch Flyball and Treibball Now!

Dede is the Founder and Captain of Happily Evfur After Flyball Club and has been teaching flyball since 2003. She started training her first flyball dog, Hershey (a mixed breed rescue), in 2001, and they competed in their first tournament the following year. They've been addicted to the sport ever since! In 2007 Hershey achieved her ONYX title through the North American Flyball Association (NAFA®). Besides Hershey, Dede has three rescue shelties who compete. When not at tournaments, she and her dogs enjoy performing demos - the most memorable was during halftime of a NY Jets preseason game at Giants Stadium! They have been featured in newspapers and magazines, as well as on television and even radio.

When a friend posted a video of dogs “herding” big exercise balls into a soccer goal, Dede was immediately interested. Treibball, also known as “Canine Driveball,” is a new sport to the US that is gaining in popularity. It’s a great sport for dogs of all ages and sizes.

Dede also has competed in agility and disc dog with her youngest sheltie and dabbled in dock diving and herding. She is an Associate Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a member of the Association of Animal Behavior Professionals (serving on the Ethics Committee), a member of the Pet Professional Guild, one of the founders of the Truly Dog Friendly website (, a member of the No Shock Collar Coalition, and an active supporter of pet rescue. She has earned several Certificates, including a Certificate with Distinction, through the Companion Animal Sciences Institute, and continues her education through online opportunities and in-person seminars.




CLASS                                Start Date                          Time                   Cost                          Instructor           .



Puppy Kindergarten            Thursday 9/6/12                   6:00 pm                  $130                           Denise Lacey

CC1 - Basic Manners          Tuesday 9/11/12                  6:00 pm                  $130                           Denise Lacey

CC2 - Good Company         Tuesday 9/11/12                  7:15 pm                  $150                           Denise Lacey

CC3 - Advanced Manners    Thursday 9/6/12                   7:15 pm                  $150                          Denise Lacey



Flyball                                Wednesday 9/12/12           6:00 pm                  $150                            Dede Crough

Treibball                              Wednesday 9/12/12           7:15 pm                  $150                           Dede Crough



Just Got Home                     Monday 9/10/12                6:00 pm                 $130                            Dede Crough

Confidence Builders              Monday 9/10/12                7:30 pm                 $150                            Dede Crough

Scent Games                       Tuesday 9/11/12                8:30 pm                 $150                           Denise Lacey

Tricks 1                                Thursday 9/6/12                8:30 pm                 $150                           Denise Lacey


 SEMINAR                            Start Date                          Time                  Cost                          Instructor          

The Training Game                 Sun. 8/12                12:00 to 4:00 pm              $40                           Denise Lacey

The Training Game                 Sun. 9/9                  12:00 to 4:00 pm              $40                           Denise Lacey


So You Want A Puppy            Sun. 10/21              3:00 to 6:00 pm                $25                           Denise Lacey

So You Want A Puppy            Sun. 11/11               3:00 to 6:00 pm                $25                           Denise Lacey



Have you ever wondered what it's like for your dog to learn with clicker training? This is your chance to find out.  You'll get an opportunity to improve your clicker skills and experience learning in a "clickerly" way. No dogs at this seminar.  Come have fun with your human companions!



Puppies are so cute and cuddly!  But then they grow into dogs.  Adding a dog to your family can be a 12 to 15 year commitment or more.  Set yourself up for success with information on how to choose the right canine companion, preparing for the arrival of your new family member, and pointers on starting to build a long and happy relationship including the science behind dog training.  Whether you've had dogs before or are a first time puppy parent, you're sure to learn information you can use.  50% of proceeds from this seminar will be donated to rescue organizations: Brookline Labrador Retriever Rescue and Delaware Valley Golden Retriever Rescue.

All CLASSES -  1 hr. per week for 6 weeks.

All SEMINARS a 1 day event.

Visit for more class details and to register for classes. New classes and seminars will be added to the schedule frequently. Look for Agility and Beginning Nose Work in the near future!

Godfrey's Canine Wellness and Conditioning

We're all about Prevention, not Rehabilitation

Ok! We've teased you that's it's all coming and now it's here! We've got the professional grade treadmill for dogs here, the weight scale will be here any day, the FitPaws® conditioning equipment is in and we are ready to go! Wait till you hear how we can help you and your dog live longer with you by helping maintain strong muscles, especially in the back end. There are so many benefits to the conditioning we will provide and we can't wait to share it all with you!

In April 2012, I sent Nicole out to Colorado to attend a two-day intensive seminar designed by Debbie Gross-Saunders, DPT, MSPT, OCS, CCRP. Debbie has been has a stellar reputation in the world of canine rehabilitation and was instrumental in creating a line of exercise equipment for dogs.

The Colorado trip and the learning added to Nicole's previous knowledge and experience assisting dogs in a rehabilitation facility. She loved the FitPaws seminar focused on wellness and conditioning and came back with tons of information; I could barely contain her!


Nicole's passion is to help dogs remain strong, thus preventing injuries and avoiding surgeries. Our mission for the center is to help dogs live longer lives, develop or keep a strong core, a strong hind end and a healthy weight; we are not a canine rehabilitation center. Our classes are also another way to stimulate your dog, keep an active dog thinking and learning, discover a new way to have fun with your dog, and help burn off some energy in the process!

Classes taught by Nicole:

Puppy Pilates: This 4-week class is for very young puppies. The class is limited to 4 puppies and you and your puppy will have fun "working the circuit" with FitPaws equipment.

FitPaws for Seniors:  This class is designed to help the senior dog remain strong.

Private Treadmill Sessions: Schedule time for your dog to exercise on the treadmill. Work with Nicole to create an exercise plan for your dog, either to help burn off excess energy on bad weather days (or any day for that matter), lose weight, or achieve both goals!

Interested  in learning more? Call Godfrey's and ask for Nicole. She'll be happy to help answer your questions and get you started!

CPR/Pet First Aid Class - Sat., Sept. 15, 2012

Instructor: Jack Rosa-Martir, certified EMT and CPR Instructor. Jack is also a volunteer fire fighter. He expanding his medical emergency training by expanding his knowledge to include the care of pets by attending a 3-day comprehensive course last year in Boston, MA. His practical, real life experiences in emergency medical care will help to give you the confidence you need to help animals in need of emergency care.

We offered this particular class for the first time in April and those who attended thought it was very comprehensive and had a lot of opportunities for hands on learning. Nicole completed the class and received her two year certificate.

The program Jack teaches is the PetTech PetSaver program. Pet Tech is the first international training center dedicated to CPR, First Aid & Care for dogs and cats.

 What you will receive:

 - "Pet Saver Packet" Training books and materials

 - Pet Tech PetSaver Muzzling and Bleeding Management Kit

 - "Knowing Your Pet's Health" Booklet

 - Pet Saver Patch

 - Practical skills testing

 - 2 Yr. Certification Card

Cost: $119

Where: Downstairs in Godfrey's retail building

How to Register: Call us at 610-777-5755.




Nicole learing how to create a safe,

                                                                                                                     soft muzzle quickly in order to help give a

                                                                                                                        frightened dog first aid treatment.

"Back to School/Fall" Photography

Sun., Sept. 30, 11am-4pm (Note: date changed from Sept. 9th to the 30th)

Capture your adorable canine in a professional photograph by Pooch Smooch Photography. The sitting fee is $10. You will review all photos she takes that day and select just what's right for you. Photography events are held in the Godfrey’s retail building, downstairs. Call us for at 610-777-5755 for your appointment.

Detour Over!

Many of you visit us by Rt. 625 South (New Holland Road).

Please note that the on-going road work on Rt. 625 to repair a bridge is completed and the entire road is open again. Hooray! Thanks for hanging in there with us.



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