To All of Our Godfrey's-Welcome to Dogdom Customers: 


It's more important than ever to be sure that you stay abreast of issues regarding the safety of the dog foods and treats that you give to your dogs. While we do the research, reading and homework for our customers, we truly appreciate it when they are also well informed.

We recommend that you refer to or for up-to-date information about pet food and recalls. They have the press release regarding the the P&G buy out of Natura Pet Products (June 2010). You'll find good information on this site, including ingredient descriptions and how to read dog food labels. It's a great tutorial. We can talk and talk and talk to you about it all, but check this site out. There are few better than this one for reliable, concise information on this topic. Sign up for their email alerts so that you are sure to get breaking information. We also put important information about recalls on our Godfrey's Facebook page, so please 'Like Us" on Facebook.

And for those of you still feeding Beneful, Science Diet, Pedigree, Iams, Eukanuba, Pedigree-please, please, PLEASE get out the food label from your bag and review it against the information you'll find on that web site or bring it in to us to discuss it. Yes, the commercials on TV for these foods do a great job of making the food appear yummy and gorgeous and great for your dog, but they are not the best for them. Don't fall for the marketing hype and the big budget marketing dollars. Please, please, PLEASE come see us at Godfrey's to start feeding your dog better foods that you can give your dog with a clean conscience and know that you're doing right by them.

Refer to the following web site for detailed ingredient reviews of wet, dry and raw dog foods:


You'll note that only the grain-free foods achieve their top star rating, but we remind you that grain-free is not always the best choice. Just be sure that whatever you're feeding rates at least a 3-star on this web site.

Each dog has specific nutritional needs, tastes, levels of immune strength, special diet requirements, etc. Our perspective is that you as dog parents need to be knowledgeable and informed about the pet foods out there in the marketplace, become more discerning in your label reading, understand the importance of where the foods are being manufacured and to what standards, where ingredients are sourced, and how you dog looks, feels and acts on his or her food.


04/2013: UGH! Follow-up to Godfrey's Concerns About the P&G Buy-Out of Natura Pet Products, first reported in July 2010: Well, what was feared has come true. As of Friday, April 19, 2013, all of Natura's dry dog and cat food has been recalled....all with expiration dates prior to March 24, 2014.

Sad, sad, sad to see this happen to what was once a very well formulated, respected, and privately owned pet food company. A huge conglomerate like Procter and Gamble should not be in charge of formulating pet food for our beloved pets.

PLEASE NOTE: Godfrey's has only carried limited inventory in Natura products since July 2010 when P&G took over the Natura company. Our inventory has been only special orders for our customers who did not want to change from these brands back in July 2010 when we strongly encouraged them to do so. If you insist on using them, we will bring them in for you, but we do not actively promote these products at this time.

Godfrey's Concerns About the P&G Buy-Out of Natura Pet Products: (07/2010)

Brands: Innova, EVO, California Natural, Healthwise, Karma

From Barb Emmett, President and Owner:

"This news was the most sad and disheartening news I've gotten since we opened our doors in 2004. Natura Pet Products had developed and manufactured one of the best dog food lines out there on the market and they continuously worked to improve their manufacturing processes and the raw materials that went into their foods. For these last 6 years, I felt confident in the product line and was very comfortable keeping this product in my store as an integral food selection option for my customers.

However, now that this company is owned by the conglomerate Procter and Gamble, I am very concerned going forward. Years ago when P&G bought out Iams, P&G quickly changed ingredients in the food and the quality declined. Apparently pet parents at that time were upset (though I don't remember this) because their dogs were suddenly not doing well with the food because of the change in formulas. Full disclosure by P&G regarding formula changes was not done, causing a loss of consumer confidence. Of course, as time goes on people forget the problems and buy Iams from P&G. I value company ethics and integrity and I don't forget.

A recall of Iams dog and cat food in July/Aug 2010 once again brings home the point that P&G may not be the best company to oversee the manufacture of foods and treats for our dogs and cats. See for full recall information. Do they and will they compromise quality for dollars?  I am very concerned that they will change ingredients or the balance of the ingredients in the Natura foods (Innova, EVO, California, Karma) and the formulas will not be what they used to be.

There are so many other great private food lines out on the market today that do not compromise on the integrity of their ingredients nor on their formulas. Fromm Family Foods is one of those companies and we've carried their line since we opened. My dogs eat Fromm 4-Star Nutritionals flavors. There can't be a better testament to a food than the owner herself feeding it to her fur kids. There are new and exciting products like Addiction, Sojourner Farms, Orijen, Acana, Grandma Lucy's and The Honest Kitchen that will continue to excite me in my quest to find the best foods out there for our beloved dogs.

Stay tuned at Godfrey's. While the Natura Pet Products are still in my shop for special orders for some customers who want to remain on it, their value has been greatly diminished in my opinion. I will remain vigilant regarding their brand. Know that what's in the shop now was manufactured at least 6 months ago when Natura was privately owned so we've got a little time. But their future doesn't look bright at Godfrey's. We'll see. If you are an existing Godfrey's customer and you'd liked to transition to another product line, please come and talk with us. We know we can help you!

6/1/10: We had been following the internet chatter during May 2010 that Natura Pet Products was going to be sold to Procter & Gamble (P&G). Barb Emmett, President and Owner of Godfrey's-Welcome to Dogdom, was hoping against hope that the rumors were false but by mid-May it was confirmed and the press releases went out to the general public on June 1, 2010.

1/22/09: **** No peanut butter treats sold at Godfrey's are affected by the recall. ****

We contacted all of our suppliers that provide us with peanut butter treats. All of them have declared their treats safe since none of them source their peanut butter ingredients from The Peanut Company.


Our nutritional experience has proven time and again that conscientious pet food companies put their money into quality, human-grade ingredients for your pet and follow sound manufacturing practices. Other companies sacrifice quality ingredients to produce inexpensive foods, putting their money into advertising instead.

We strive to ensure that every product in our store is healthy & safe for your dog and cat. We do not believe in  dog or cat foods containing corn, wheat, by-products, artificial chemicals, preservatives, ingredients, or animal digest. We do believe in foods that use whole meat sources and whole fruits and vegetables. We research each new product prior to introducing it to our clients to the best of our abilities. We also rely on the expertise of folks doing independent research and reporting on pet foods and pet products: The Whole Dog Journal is an excellent source of information. Stop by the shop and we'll show you their informative newsletters. It's a 'subscription only' newsletter, but it's well worth the cost. Barb's being reading it for years.

It takes no money for advertising from any companies, so it's not beholden to anyone; therefore it presents more objective research and reviews. Also, take a look at a solid, level-headed nutrition research web site, and sign up to get her email notices.

The nutrition lines we currently carry are:

Fromm Family Foods-Four Star Nutritionals

Orijen and Acana Foods


Evanger's canned meats - canned in their own facility in the U.S.

Stella & Chewy's Dehydrated and frozen raw Food and Treats

The Honest Kitchen Dehydrated Raw Food, using organic grains, hormone/antibiotic-free meats and non-GMO produce. All ingredients are guaranteed 100% Human Food Grade. Mix it up yourself!

Dr. Harvey's Canine Health - mix it yourself!

Sojourner Farms - mix it yourself! 

Artemis - limited stock but we order weekly


Weruva canned dog food

Fussie Cat canned cat food

Innova, including EVO (no grains), California Natural, Karma,Healthwise-Special Orders Only!

Unfortunately, none of us can prevent nor prepare for such a disaster when the issue is tainted food in our food chain or in our pet's food chain. However, an important lesson for us all can still be learned: read your ingredients, understand what they are and what affects they may have on your petís health, learn more about anything that you donít understand, research your options with the assistance of a knowledgeable person, and don't fall for slick marketing. The more you know, the more knowledgeable your choices for your dog or cat will be.

ur sympathies go out to those who have experienced illness or loss of their pet due to the recent recalled pet food problem. We can only imagine the heartbreak they have experienced, and the betrayal they must also feel.

Below are some of the first recalls issued in March 2007:

By now most of you are aware of the large recall of canned dog and cat foods announced at the end of March 2007. The following facts are very important:

This recall is associated with the ingredient wheat gluten (a low-quality source of protein), produced by a specific supplier. The types of canned foods under recall are all of the "cuts and gravy" style.

  •  Godfrey's does not sell "cuts and gravy" canned foods from any of our providers
  •  Godfrey's does not sell any canned or dry products containing wheat gluten
  •  NO Godfrey's products are affected by this recall.


On Friday, March 16, Menu Foods, a contract manufacturer of wet pet foods, announced that it was recalling millions of containers (cans and foil pouches) of wet dog food and cat food. The company said the recalled products were made between December 3 and March 6 for dozens of different pet food companies and sold under more than 50 brand names. The recall was prompted by reports of the deaths of at least 10 dogs and cats, as well as reports of dozens more animals who suffered acute kidney failure after eating the implicated products. The foods were sold in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada and sold by major retailers including Wal-Mart, Kroger, and Safeway.

A complete list of the recalled products, along with product codes, descriptions, and production codes, is available from the Menu Foods website at or by calling the company at (866) 895-2708 . Check the list often; at the time of release of this message, Menu Foods had added more products to the recall list at least twice since its initial release.

Also, several foods that (as of the release of this message) are NOT on the recall list but were manufactured by Menu are being recalled by their companies. Most notable are five Science Diet wet cat foods.

Most of the products on the recall list are inexpensive "store brands," made for grocery store retail outlets under a variety of names. The major exceptions to this are Iams and Eukanuba, products recognized by most pet owners due to their healthy market share, heavy marketing, and pervasive presence in almost every pet supply chain.

Here's what to look for in your dog or cat if you've fed any of these recalled products:

Dog and cat parents who've fed any of the recalled products in the past three months should be alert for signs of kidney failure in their pets: extreme lethargy, a sudden change in the amount the animal drinks or urinates, jaundice (indicated by the yellowing of the animal's skin and/or whites of eyes), inappetence, and vomiting. As always, if your dog or cat suddenly declines to eat a food he or she has previously enjoyed, cease feeding the product and call the manufacturer with the product date code for more information. Always contact your veterinarian promptly if your furry animal shows signs of illness.









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