No more desperate housedogs! End the "'desperate housedog" syndrome by getting your dog outside to run and play with friends in a safe environment.  Become a Godfrey's play group member-your dog will love you for it!


Doggie Play Groups - We're open for memberships!  We're up to over 100 human families registered and scheduling over 20 dog groups! Dogs are pack animals, and there’s nothing like dog play. We love to watch them play, and well, they just love to play! Here at Godfrey’s, you can register your dog for a play group, form a group with other play buddies, then schedule your group for playtime, or you can book private family time for just your own dogs.

We have a "Running with the Big Dogs" fenced play area (approx. 1 acre) and a "Little Rascals" fenced play area (approx.
1/4 acres). The scenery is beautiful here and there's a gentle slope in the large yard to give the canine kids a great workout.  You can even create an exercise regimen for you and your dog...if you walk around the inside of the large area 6 times, you've walked a mile! During the warmer months, fill up our plastic wading pool and watch your dog splash!

Stop by to pick up a play group membership packet or request a packet via email. When all of your paperwork has been processed and you and your dog have officially joined, you can start to schedule private play. If you're interested in having your dog take part in group play, let us know! Cheryl, our Play Group Coordinator, will need to meet your dog and determine the best group for your dog's size, temperament and play style. She'll then schedule one or more facilitated "Meet 'N Greets" to see if there's good match. Your dog can be in as many groups as your time and budget allow, provided there's a good group match. We know you and your dog will find great play buddies...perhaps your dog will even become one of our famed "Play Group Groupies!"

In these outdoors spaces, we’ll also be scheduling public events. And as a member, you can rent space for your own private doggie party.  Here's a photo of a private party held at Godfrey's:


Our first registered play group was the "Rawhide Gang!"  This group started with only 3 canine members and has grown to 12 and is now full. Here's a photo of the original founding members of the group, Frodo and Precious:     


The "Humpday Hounds" meets on, can you guess...Wednesdays.  They've got lots of runners in that group and the group has been together a long time. Here are some photos of their group:


"Pooch Pack" also has been meeting for awhile now, too, and these guys are really dedicated to their dogs.  They are a hardy bunch who meet through heat, rain, snow and cold weather.  They say that their dogs are so used to coming now that they just HAVE to bring them!!

The "T5" group is composed mostly of golden retrievers.  This group gets into exercising along with their dogs. They are very active out there!

And we have over 10 greyhound members now in their own Sunday group. All of them are rescues. Most of the dog parents had not seen their greyhound run off-leash prior to being at Godfrey's; what a joy it is to watch them run free for the first time off the track, and run for the pure enjoyment of it.

Maybe the next group will be yours...come join the fun!





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